Thursday, December 01, 2005

World Aids Day

Today is World AIDS Day, and we never get any good news about the AIDS/HIV fight so I thought I would share some.

The ONE campaign was started last year to ask Americans to use their voice to influence the government to step up the fight against AIDS/HIV. So far, because of the response of the American citizens, 350,000 people are alive because America decided to use some of their resources to change something. I love hearing good news. Although we must continue to do more, this is a great first step.


Anonymous said...

un-related comment:

hey man, i hope i will be seeing you this holiday. maybe at least at grandmas wedding (this is still a weird concept for me). have a good day.

tyler shearer said...

postscript...that was tyler, your cousin

Kara Joy said...

hey tommy bailey!!!
where you at boy? aids day was long ago!!! ;) have a wonderful day! i'm praying for you!
-kara joy

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