Thursday, November 18, 2004

Prayer For Others

it's funny that last week our worship experience at Northview was all about prayer for others. This week I have been bombarded with people who need prayer (more than usual). Another interesting fact is that my spiritual renewal times this week have all focused on the idea of intercession. This week I have really learned a lot about the power God unleashes when someone prays for another someone.

Prayer for others also inspires a new view of the world. When prayers are all centro-focused you can easily become consumed with the ups and down of your own life. It seems, though, that when your prayer life is others-focused you start to see the world in a more breathtaking ways. Things are suddenly more beautiful. You start to appreciate more around you. You start to drop the negative outlook that can consume someone who's prayers are all centro-focused.

Enjoy God this week, and tell Him I said hey.


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Thad Hawk said...

how are things on your side of the I40?

I wrote two simi-cool poems last weekend.