Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Emerging Show Part 2

As I said a few posts back, we are dividing The Emerging Show into 2 parts. Part one will always come out on Mondays, and part 2 will always come out on Wednesdays. This will help those who want to listen to the entire show, but cannot do it in one sitting. You wil also notice two buttons on the top left, one is "MP3 1" and the other is "MP3 2". Every week you will be able to click on"MP3 1" to listen to the current week's show part 1, and the same goes for part 2 with "MP3 2". You can always make it simpler by subscribing, click on the "Feed" button to do just that. God bless you all, and enjoy today's show with special guest Thad Hawk, you can click on the title of this post to listen to it as well.

P.S. We have almost hit the 100 listeners mark only on our 3rd week!! With no adverts!


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Stephen Whitaker said...

If you haven't already check out the radical orthodoxy movement, they have some interesting things to say in light of post modernistic thought.