Tuesday, May 24, 2005



I just walked into the men's restroom at Northview and saw this. If
you don't know me well let me inform you that I am more afraid of
spiders than any other creature on this earth. The picture doesn't
really give much perspective, but it is aprox. 2.5-3 inches long (no


Sean said...

Found your blog from iPodderX's directory. That is one freakin' huge spider.

Kara Joy said...

lol... i can see you now. :) ha ha. u know, someday ur gonna hafta get over that fear. ;) lol. i miss u man!

Mac said...

That baby is very common is central Florida; I can't see the markings too well, but it looks like an absolutely harmless (except for the heart attack when you first see it) house spider. They're great insect killers and afraid of people. And did I mention they're HUGE? Sometimes over 3" across. No lie.