Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Is The Time for..

Christmas is a time for...
Remembering the sacrifice God made
Remembering the love God has for us
Remembering the day that our redeemer was born
Remembering the day that our hope and salvation was manifest
Remembering that parking at malls is the absolute worst part of this holiday season. I believe I would rather swim in a pool of acid, or have mice chewing on my skin incessantly than park at a mall during Christmas.

There so many important things about the holidays. I love Christmas.

p.s. I really do love Christmas (parking is what I don't love)

by the way, for all of you who have been asking, yes, I am dating someone. someone special. now please, quit asking me about it. God bless. :)

1 comment:

tmoss said...

in regards to the PS. she is special, I coached her in softball when she was a young pup and she refused to play with shoes on, you have to be special to not worry about what others think when you're the only one out there playing barefooted.
she's got my vote.