Friday, February 04, 2005

Did You Take A Selah Moment?

Did You Take A Selah Moment?

It is extremely easy in our postmodern do-everything-fast society to forget and take a selah moment (a hebrew word for silence or stillness). Have you taken one this week? Have you really sat down and just talked to the living Christ? You'd be amazed at how much our creator longs to just talk with us--he is a seeker after us even more than we are seeker after him.

This week has been a wonderful week. I haven't really enjoyed the weather (until yesterday and today), but I think this week has been a paramount time of seeking the presence of Christ. God is alive and doing amazing things in Oklahoma City and around the world. I think it's time we stop saying WWJD in our society and start saying What Is Jesus Doing.

I am eagerly awaiting our time of corporate worship on Sunday morning with my Northview family. God bless you all!


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