Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Spirit of God

The spirit of God is a beautiful and mysterious thing. Everytime I see that the spirit has moved (I know that I don't always notice, but you know what I am referring to when you "know" that God is involved) I am strengthened with a certain hope and joy. The spirit moves in so many ways---through music, through relationships, through art, etc. This past week at Northview we had a very beautiful time of worship through music. I believe the spirit was there in fresh ways that can't be explained in words. But, I have also experienced the spirit move in ways that we don't always think about, for example: when I personally am down and someone says something at just the right way---the spirit moved in a mysterious way. It happened to me this past week when I was speaking to my girlfriend Emily about something that had happened that day that wasn't very fun, and she said "it will be okay". 4 simple words that the spirit transformed into a language that only he speaks. If you open your eyes a little wider you can see that God is in the small things, and the big things, in fact he transcends even that terminology---we will never fully understand. God is God and I am not. Grace and peace to all of you, and I hope you had a great Valentine's day.


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