Sunday, August 20, 2006

Change Will Do You Good

When you are through changing, you are through. ~Bruce Barton

Life is a series of changes, growth, and progression. Nothing ever remains static, unless of course you are dead. Some people are exceedingly afraid of change, some people embrace it, but regardless, you must accept that it is a fact of life. Change is good. It is part of the design of the Creator.

My only sibling is my sister Brittany, and she is making a big change in her life this week. She is moving off to college. Even though in reality she is only moving 7 miles away from home, this transition takes you 1 million miles away from familiarity and comfort. For those who know Brittany, here is a peek into her new world on campus. Change is good.


brittany said...

im really white!!!! and southern thats a great mix:) i luv ya tommy, your awesome:)

Emily Borah said...

i think you are sweet and charming....:-) your room looks great! hope nsi isn't too bad.

Thad Hawk said...

change is a very good thing. Change is hard but sometimes its the best thing for us. I like the dorm room, its another world to go off to college but in my case its was a better world.