Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Elliott is Out

Elliott is out.

After watching his homecoming video and his "Bad Day" exit video, I felt a saddness rush over me. But it's gone now, so we can move on to next week. Taylor and Katherine.

With the voting being so close this week, the real question is: Who will get Elliott's votes? Is it Taylor? It could be, Elliott seems to choose songs that have a "soul" vibe in them. Is it Katherine? Although he has a lack of charisma Elliott does have a technically great voice, and so does Katherine (sometimes), would Elliott's fans favor her natural vocal talent? I'm not going to make any predictions just yet, but I would love to hear your opinion.

Vote in the new poll question: Who will get Elliott's votes?

Oh, and where was Arnold Schwarzenegger for Katherine? All the other contestants had their Governors welcome them. Katherine was stiffed, and so was the TV audience. I was really looking forward to Arnold saying "She'll be back".


Bev said...

My sadness is not gone. Elliott’s voice quality is superb. I can’t say that for Katherine and Taylor. Voice quality (not visual attractiveness and etc.) was the one and only criteria for me in this competition. Some people look at Katherine as another Kelly Clarkson or even Whitney Houston (when she could sing). Her voice quality does not quite make it to their levels.

If Taylor could only sound like he did on song 2 and song 3 consistently, then I could fully understand why he is going to be the next American Idol.

Tommy said...

I agree Bev, he did have a natural voice quality that will be missed.