Thursday, April 20, 2006

33% Approval

What are your suggestions to boost the approval of President Bush?

Is his approval due to:

The economy?
His staff?
Or is the American public ADD and ready for something new?

Reason for Bush's low approval ratings:
The economy
His staff
The American public has ADD and needs a change
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Emily said...

i think he has become another 'lame duck' president.
bless his heart, he is a precious man.
but he needs to make some changes
and not fall into that mode of not getting anything
100% accomplished.
i think if he would step out and make some big changes
in his staff he would see his approval ratings go up significantly.

Bev said...

As an old school liberal whom is making the move to the conservative side, I think Iraq, Dubai ports and the illegal immigration controversies have brought his approval rating to where it is. The President needs to change some of his advisors.

By the way (of topic), I like this new design for your blog. I will be starting my own blog soon. It will be dealing with my growing conservatism.

Tommy Bailey said...

I agree with you on all your points about Bush. I'm also very intrigued by your blogging idea, let me know when you get it started, I'll be a subscriber.

kalel said...

To be honest...I am a conservative but I don't agree with Bush on everything... the ports (now we let the Chinese run them?), Illegal (that is the key word) immigration, Government overspending(not entirely his fault) however, while I believe some of his unpopularity is due to these factors, I believe that some is also due to the more liberal media bias against the bush administration combined with the relative ingnorance (not trying to be condescending) of a large portion of the American poplulation when it comes to political issues.... For one, we have had several Horrific tragedies face America in Bush's two terms...the economy was ALREADY on the down turn when he took office, 9/11 happened, we have gone to war(which I agree with but also is a huge financial burden), Hurricane Katrina, as well as the other hurricanes which affected so many, and on and on and on...For our economy to be where it is at right now... is nothing short of a miracle....Unemployment is lower right now the the averages of the 70's 80's and 90's, Home ownership is higher now than ever before.... Inflation is low.... But you NEVER here about these things in the media, the tax cuts did not JUST help the rich as you always hear...My family was helped and I have more disposable income in my pockets now....Oh well enough ranting... I believe Bush is a God-fearing man. Do I agree with everything he does? No, but I will pray for him as the leader of our country and pray for unity within our own borders, besides,Laura Bush is much prettier than either Hillary clinton or Theresa heinz-KErry :)

Tommy Bailey said...

amen kalel.

By the way, I thought Theresa Heiz-Kerry was pretty hot.