Thursday, April 20, 2006

"That's All" For Ace


Well, the Backstreet Boy's long lost member finally got the boot from American Idol.  Even though I was never a huge fan, the ending video with "Bad Day" always make me regret ever saying anything negative about the contestant.  But I got over it. Goodbye Ace, I'm sure you'll have a career in music no problem, and if that doesn't work out, you can at least fall back your your hair bun styling technique, there's a big market for that right now.  

On to next week.  Love songs.  Could be good, could be bad, you never know. Rod Stewart really suprised me, even though he's not the best singer in the world, I thought he was one of the most refreshing "celebrity" musicians on the show.  At least he was better than Shakira. 



Bev said...

I am happy that my 3 favorites are in still in the race. Kellie is getting a majority of votes. I think it's because of her looks. She does not sing all that well.
The only time she sounded good to me was when she sang that Patsy Cline song.

Last week it was easy to call the phone numbers for my votes many many times over. This week it was very difficult. I barely got through; thus I decided to do the text messaging, which was added cost per vote. I voted more than once, but no where near the number of times I voted last week.

The next American Idol will be the result of those who can afford to text message many times over.

dink said...

Was it just me or was anyone else surprised at the bottom 3? Chris and Paris? come on!! next week should be good and a tough one to predict.

Kal-el said...

I for one am very disappointed that Ace is gone....First you kick off Will Makar, then Chicken Ace....Who will the 9-15 year olds vote for now...have any of you thought of that...NOOOOO! you only want to think about who sings the best...who gave the best performance....Selfish selfish... I can hear the collective sobbing of little girls all across the country and all of you are just "Happy" that your selections are still there... I hope you are happy... Just remember Ace, to all teenagers out there...there will always be, "A Place for Ace" in their hearts. :)

Emily Borah said...

dink-i was surprised about the bottom three! it never occured to me that it could be the other group on the stage. america needs to wake up!

i think i will thoroughly enjoy the love songs theme. let's get kat singing celine you think celion is too big for her?

i wonder if they will go for more contemporary love songs, or old school ones?...we will see i guess!